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Since 1995, Zoe has partnered with businesses and government agencies to make and provide effective Leadership Excellence training series, as Well as this offering carries on to be our most requested training alternative. The importance of strong leadership within a company becomes evident whenever you examine the impact it is on employee participation and enhanced organizational culture. With firms facing the looming shortage due to a retirement boom, associations are tuned to the increasing need for effective leadership development approaches to drive results. Zoe’s leadership series gives a wide range of development opportunities for current and future leaders, such as critical thinking and decision making, emotional intelligence, and demonstration abilities. read more

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WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio Air Force Institute of Technology achieved two energies that serve the Air Force with responsiveness and will assist the school move ahead. AFIT started offering its first distance learning degree program this month. AFIT has been utilizing DL technologies to provide education that is professional certificate programs, in addition to, for a while. But it is now possible for DOD civilians, members and government builders all over the nation to earn a master’s degree without leaving their assignments or visiting Ohio. Students in acquiring a masters degree intrigued can do so in numerous manners, said Dr. read more