Now is probably the best time for you to invest on a home property in the Greenville SC Real Estate market. When the year started the real estate market of Greenville has been remarkably on steady and is not showing any signs of waning, despite of the fact that the local market has gone through a “Real estate bubble”, which is becoming a hot topic in the Real Estate industry all over the country. Because of the good status of Greenville’s market, a lot of people have asked, “What are the things that have set Greenville, SC apart from the rest of the real estate markets in the country?”   

One of the contributing factors for Greenville’s stable real estate market is the outstanding appreciation rate of the city’s historic homes. These beautiful properties are said to be appreciating at a rate of 3 to 4 percent each year and this is already a sustainable level of increase if you compare it to the real estate market all over the country, which are mostly experiencing a period of fluctuation. Other factors that make the Greenville SC Real Estate market a good place to invest in are the excellent employment opportunities in this area of South Carolina, as well as the great educational system offered by some of the state’s leading colleges and universities. In fact, Greenville bagged the Great American Main Street Award in the year 2003.

Greenville is known for having a very active real estate market. The current inventory is in line with past inventories that shows over 5,000 active listings of property. Having an average price of about $250,000, the Greenville
SC Real Estate market is truly a great place to invest in. To give you an idea of the things that are going on this city’s real estate market, there have been more than 2,000 homes sold for this year alone at an average price of $170,000. On the median, the home properties would stay at an average of 88 days in the real estate market before they gets sold. What’s great is the fact that most of these home properties are sold for a remarkably 97 percent of its original listing price.

Another reason for the stability of the Greenville SC Real Estate market is the increasing number of properties that are sprouting all over the city. Current inventory shows that there are about 1,500 new home properties constructed in Greenville which contributes to the city’s vibrant area. These new home properties are being listed at an average price of $300,000 although most of these home properties are located on the neighboring areas of Greer and Simpsonville.

Now that you know the reasons behind the stability of Grenville’s real estate market, it’s about time that you invest for a property in Greenville, South Carolina. If this your first time to purchase a home property, it is highly recommended that you seek help from a reputable real estate agent who could assist you in the process of acquiring a home property in the Greenville SC Real Estate market.

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