Introducing the mini iPad, Android Tim Cook charged at by the fact that, in his opinion, many of the Play Google(THL W6) services are not optimized for tablets, while the App Store has about 250,000 applications that they are. A recent article in Android Authority gives a different perspective to the debate, in especially when you consider the section of widgets, which again, is again key to making a difference.Android's rivals in the market for tablets often use when charged against him, the low supply optimized for this type of equipment that users can find in the Play Store. In fact, advertising iPad mini tour around pretty idea implying that the Apple tablet is a compact iPad in all senses and gives access to a vast amount of applications designed, in principle, specifically for 9.7 screens inches. Amazon Kindle Fire with HD(THL mobile phones) also plays this trump card, and states conduct a rigorous selection contents of its application store.However, as noted in Android Authority, Google's operating system has other important advantages if compared to its competitors and, again, make a difference around the iOS environment.

While The iPad remains the desktop icons feature of iPhone, android these widgets give an appearance much more customizable and fun to devices also offer the ability to preview applications without launching them.In this regard, Windows 8 is halfway and although the theme of customization not go so beyond the interface with icons in mosaic, it does allow some visualization, even some would argue that the best that Android provides, although depending on the size of the device in which we use it.The question is whether Android widgets(THL V12 ) fit better on larger screens like a tablet. Since information that can display these supplements is related, to some extent with the size of the apparatus and it screen. More space means more capacity to play with widgets and take out a good game. This logic at least it works with those who use their desktops to show news, libraries, email or social networks.The editor of this Android Authority uses a Nexus 7 desktop with an aggregator widget show that these supplements work best on large screens. Thus, according to the aforementioned gateway, thedebate is open: Are the widgets one of the most remarkable strengths in Android tablets?