Stripes on men’s tailored suits are usually vertical, but come in a variety of styles.  The first, foremost and most classic is the pinstripe.  A pinstriped suit – especially the navy pinstriped suit – gives an extremely traditional look, such as required by most businessmen.  Pinstripes are very narrow (though prominent) stripes, usually white in colour, especially on dark gray or black men’s suits.  You could find stripes in other colours i.e. pastels, however, as these are passing trends in men’s fashion, once the fad has passed, it would be difficult to wear them.  Additionally, they limit the opportunities for wear as they are informal and pose difficulties when searching for a matching tie and shirt.  A classic, white pinstripe never goes out of style.


All stripes make the wearer appear taller as they draw the face upwards and can even make heavyset men appear thinner, by breaking up and drawing the attention away from the solid midsection.  This is especially true for thin, close set stripes like the pinstripe.  The thicker, chalk stripe has stripes set further apart due to their greater width.  These are significantly less formal than the
pinstripe and can draw attention to one’s girth, even if they provide the appearance of increased height.

Most men have little to fear as long as the men’s tailored suits chosen by them is in one of the three traditional colours or charcoal gray, navy blue or black.  These colours work for most people except those with high-contrast complexions.  Very high-contrast individuals however, require great care as wearing the wrong colour of men’s suits can either dampen their features or make them seemingly disappear too.

This is especially true of men with very dark hair matched with fair skin or those having African-American skin tones.  Fair complexioned, dark-haired men should opt for dark, rich suits that frame their light features between the dark jacket and hair.  Selecting light coloured suits i.e. pale grays and tans would diminish their features.  For African-American men, the decision boils down to their particular skin tone.  For very dark toned men, a dark suit with a light coloured shirt would provide an excellent contrast.  Similarly, a muted shirt and tie with a dark suit would give the more medium-toned wearer, a warm look.  The light-toned man should wear light coloured suits in earth tones that harmonise well with his lower-contrast complexion.