Film making, Video Shooting, video game developing- all are long creative processes. Effort from hundreds of individuals goes into such a process. Money, time and other resources are also invested in such productions. Therefore it is important that the work of production is as quick and error free as possible. But to make that happen, you need pre planning before beginning of the actual work. In the creative the phase of pre planning has a different name. It is called previsualization. With this process all the artistic/ creative areas are drawn out for final production. It is like preparing the final draft before the finished version.

This process of pre-visualization is a behind the camera work. It determines what will be in front of the camera. With this the people working on the project get themselves organized before the start of the shoot. You can also set up different shots, sequences ad share ideas in this way.  Before there were digital cameras and computer technology, majority of the shots were being organized and shot using   shapes made out of foam, low power cameras which are quite low tech compared to today, and characters made out of fabric or paper. For background locations, film makers used still photos of real locations and even drawings which were made as realistic as possible. In order to create on screen action sequences lot of hard work was put in. Most of the time, these were mapped out on large storyboards known as Bristol boards.  Scenes were even acted out with the use of puppets or miniature models.

However, with the changing times the process of previsualization also underwent major changes. Now there are no still photo backgrounds. Shooting is done on real locations and/or in realistic sets. High definition cameras have replaced old movie cameras. Now the visuals are so realistic you will feel that they are taking place right in front of you. The use of storyboards is still here but it has advanced a lot. Use of computer software and tools has replaced most of the manual work, although hand drawings are mostly used in the pre-visualization phase. The best thing that technology has given to the process of pre-visualization is the exact replication of the creative thoughts. Whatever you may imagine/ visualize before the start of the project, you will be able to reproduce it exactly like that. This has given never before seen power to the creative people behind movie, gaming projects.

As with the other aspects of film making, game developing and similar productions, the previsualization has gone through a complete overhaul. Its importance is the same if not more. Thanks to the availability of technology, the pre-visualization process is completed much quickly these days. Also they are much more polished and accurate. It is really easy to correct a mistake whereas with a manual process one mistake meant waste of time and resources. Thankfully creators now can totally get immersed in their creative exercise because there is no limitation on them. 

Author’s Bio: previsualization has offered the virtual appearance of the actual work before the work even started. It has become very popular for making the shooting process cost effective and fault free being the important tool in pre production. Please visit :