As we all know, Yankees is the most well known sport team in the world and as the most popularity all over the world. Every year, on the special occasions like birthday, anniversary or Christmas, all the Yankees fans love to make a personalized Yankees theme personalized bobbleheads for their friends. Some of the guys make custom Yankees key chain with names on it, some made custom Yankees jerseys with name a number on the back. Among them, the funniest and most popular item in the recent year is custom Yankees bobblehead. It was the most baseball custom bobblehead in Father’s day, birthdays, thanksgiving and Christmas. Following we are going to tell some story and ideas of the Yankees team bobble head that have made in our business partner’s work shop.

This Yankees batter bobble head
is the most popular item in the world, especially USA during the father’s day gifts in 2013. As Yankees’ fame is well spread all over the world, many people want to surprise their father on this special day with a big hit. This is one of the customers made a Yankees bobble head for his father and make the massage “ Happy father’s day and we love you” on the base. On the real person, there are tattoos on the arms. The thoughtful son also make the tattoo on the bobblehead because it’s a sign of his loving father. In addition of that, he also make his father’s name and favorite number on the back of the jersey. Though the highly customization need some extra fee, it was worthy to pay for such a personalized, funny and inspiring gift. Some customers also bring the Yankees baseball bobbleheads into their biggest day – wedding. It was a case happy 2012, on one hand, the groom make 6 Yankees fans custom bobbleheads for his groomsmen. One for each. Everyone of them were wearing Yankees stripes jerseys and taking a baseball getting reading to pitch. One the other hand, the bride also made 6 personalized Yankees custom wedding bobbleheads for her bridesmaids, everyone of them are taking a bat and getting reading to hit the ball pitched by the groomsmen. It was a big hit in their wedding reception and every go to the headline in the local newspaper. As a Yankees fans, customized bobblehead in Yankees theme is 100% the one of the most impressive personalized gift for your Yankees fans friends.