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Say Goodbye to Difficulty When Designing Custom Bobblehead
paiyouguo lin
By paiyouguo lin
Published on October 2, 2013
Say Goodbye to Difficulty When Designing Custom Bobblehead

Say Goodbye to Difficulty When Designing Custom Bobblehead

As you can see, there are various kinds of custom bobbleheads both in domestic and international markets for your selection. The bobbleheads are totally different actually. Just as we have introduced in our previous articles, there are custom bobbleheads of Micheal Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, president, super stars, pets, yourself and so forth. They are different partly because they are designed in different angles or different way. Good design can be regarded as the base of the successful personalized bobbleheads since it is of great importance to the bobbleheads. Here we will give you some detaile information on  how to design custom bobblehead and let you say bey bey to difficulties when designing your bobbleheads.

In order to design your bobblehead, you will need some tools, like photographs, scanner and graphic design software, like Photoshop and so on. Well, graphic design is not a skill that every one is good at. People who lack the artistic and the technical skills may have difficulty completing the task. So, you can turn to graphic design software for help or you may send photographs to the custom bobblehead manufacturers since there are professional graphic designers who are willing to provide such design.

First of all, you should prepare photographs or pictures of the person or animal that you are willing to design. It is better to have several full-body photographs as well as the close-up photographs to ensure you can have a clear comprehension of the character you will create. Ensure that you can control the angles well. Since the custom bobblehead should be a three-dimensional rendering of a caricature drawing, you should capture the front, back and side face very well.

Second, make several sketches from different angles. You should features of the head and face and use as much as details as possible. Scan your photographs and make a detailed comparison. Load the photograph into your photographic design software to alter them to desired proportions

Third, a proper ratio of the custom wedding bobbleheads body is very important. You are advised to use the software to exaggerate the head and facial features. Adjust the angles until you get the desired model that you want. Then convert these photographs to three-dimensional line drawings. Ensure that the size can be of proper ratio.