I have got the responsibility for selecting a Christmas gift for our entire department. My instructions are clear – make sure that the gift is unique, personal and inexpensive. As simple as it sounds, I have been raking my brains to come up with something, which everyone will like and yet will be personal. With those instructions in mind, I started scouting for the gift in the superstores and on the Internet.

There I came across the latest Christmas gift idea, which is creating a stir this season – custom superman bobblehead. The best thing about this gift idea is that it satisfies all the criteria that were laid out for me by my boss.

One can add images or pictures of your choice on these bobblehead dolls. That’s not enough – one can also add messages on these
bobblehead dolls and that was its best feature which solved all my problems. I put names (or nicknames) of all the people in the department on these custom hunter bobblehead and I put the pics of each of these team members. On top of that, I added a personal message for each of these team members which said something special about them.

This proved to be a really hit idea. More than half the people in the department have put these dolls on their desks and a few others have put them in their cars. I have been inundated with the Thank You notes and I would also like to mention that I scored a few points with the hot girls in the department. My boss too praised me in front of everyone and hinted that my appraisal is going to get a few more positive notes this year. This latest Christmas gift idea has proved to one of the best decisions of my career.