Malta is well known for its sunny climate and rich history. These are just some of the reasons that people want to visit the place and enjoy a Malta Tours. Some tourists go to different places to eat food and rave about the greatest restaurants. However, not much is said about the drinks in Malta. As a tourist, make it your duty to drink a few drinks in Malta to make your Malta Tours a memorable one. Majority of Malta’s population is Roman Catholic, this doesn’t mean to say that the country doesn’t drink. Kinnie- Malta’s national drink is Kinnie. Amuse yourself and order this fizzy drink from restaurants or from your malta hotel. This drink is made up of bitter oranges and tastes a little bit like Martini. Cisk- beer is made from all over the world. Malta’s local beer is called cisk. To end all ignorance about cisk, it has a sweeter taste than other beers. The volume of cisk is large by 4.2 percent. Other beer - In the malta hotel that you are staying, you may come across other beers like Caqnu, Blue Label Ale, Hopleaf, Lacto, Shandy and 1565. Malta imports beer to have merrier Malta Tours and normal days. Beer like Carlsberg, SKOL, Guinness, Kilkenny, Budweiser, Becks, Heineken and Lowenbrau are available in restaurants and malta hotels. As a tourist, try to avoid drinking these imported beer and drink only local beer because, more often than not, you’ll
find these imported beers back home and in other places. Wine- Girgentina and Gellewza are two grape varieties that grow in Malta. Malta wine is made from a combination of imported vines. Try ordering Marsovin and Delicata in restaurants or for room service in the malta hotel that you are staying in. These two are famous wines. There are some locals that make their own wine. If you want to try out more wines made by amateurs, go to the areas of Mgarr and Siggiewi if amateur wines cannot be bought and found in restaurants or a malta hotel. Water- if its not bottled water, Malta gets its drinking water from the sea. The seawater is desalinated or made to undergo an underground aquifer. Drinking water is scarce in Malta hence some swimming pools are filled up with salty water. Aside from being found in restaurants or malta hotels, many drinks are apparently sold in bars. In the early part of the evening, youngsters frequent the bar. But you are out on a Malta Tours, you can get to stay the whole night. You will notice that as the night grows old, so does the crowd. Younger people still need to comply with their curfew. Drinking in Malta doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get dead drunk. A small taste will do or else you’ll spend the rest of the your Malta Tours in a bad hangover in your malta hotel room. Once you tasted Malta’s drinks, you can begin talking about it to your friends and family. It will give them a slight relief from the regular talks on delicious foods.