One of the jobs that is comparatively filled with less stress and frustration but at the same time is rewarding and exciting, is that of a teacher. A teacher provides the foundation stone in a person's life. The first teacher, that is involved in everyone's life, is his/her schoolteacher. Schoolteachers play a very important part in order to implement the moral and ethical values in children. They play a very vital role as far as the development of the basic learning skills in children is concerned.

These kids who think that their school teachers are their role models, derive inspiration from their favorite teachers. As time passes, these kids grow up. They leave school with tears in their eyes, yet at the same time carry a lot of dreams in their eyes about their life outside school. The role of teachers in their lives is not restricted till here.

These kids have a lot of memories of their favorite schoolteacher in their minds, and with these memories they enter college, a new and youthful world. During their childhood years, their teachers are their friends; their mentors, their role models, their aspirations and their guides leading them on their career paths. In the words of Henry Brooks Adams, "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell, where his influence stops."

statement actually depicts a lot about the benefits of becoming a teacher. One of the basic benefits is that you get the opportunity to have all these wonderful experiences.

You get a chance to make these small kids your friend, be their role model as well as the source of inspiration, win hearts of these angels and guide them to make their life better.

This job provide you with an opportunity to spend a major portion of your day with children or youngsters. Spending time with these cuties equals a constructive expenditure of time. This exercise also serves as an effective stress buster.
When you have these small angels around, you also become a part of their world of innocence and purity. It is actually very important in order to create a healthy work environment for you. This job provides you a chance to be with children, have a great laugh with them, think their way and enjoy their silly yet innocent behavior.

You do not have to work on weekends and you get your share of holidays. You can also get a lot of scholarship programs. Your interaction with a lot of children will automatically act as a confidence-booster.

You can enjoy your school life once again with the help of this job. You can be home early. This will give you ample amount to have rest and spend quality time with your loved ones.