Education is one of the strongest means that is capable of bringing about the desired change in society, it is helpful in developing a generation of virtuous individuals. Thus in this way, education helps in contributing to the development of good human beings.

The main motto of education is to provide knowledge, make everyone aware about proper conduct and gain technical competency. Education helps in the development of an individual, physically, mentally and socially. The importance of education to youths deals with the cultivation of the youths of society into mature individuals.

Education is an important aspect for the youths. The growing stage of the youngsters is that particular period of time that provides them with the opportunity to develop the principles of life, make career decisions and begin the pursuit of one's goals. Education should include that kind of training that should be the extension to the fields of interest of these youths.

The education should help the youngsters in order to define their career objectives, should make them capable of deciding as to what they want from life and enable them to get a lot of success in their fields of interest.

The education should be geared up with ample amount of training that should allow them to aim at a particular skill
of their interest and work upon it to develop expertise in the areas of his/her interest. The training should involve the knowledge of courses that can help the youths with their careers and aims of life.

Education should be geared up with those kinds of techniques that would open doors for them for new opportunities in various fields. This training and knowledge should enable them venture into new fields and explore new areas. Education must help the youths so that they can analyze their career interest as well as the future options. The education training should develop a kind of social awareness in the youths.

The training should be geared up with environmental education as well.

It should include values like saving animals, curbing deforestation, controlling pollution, so that these values can enhance the humanity factor in these youths.

The education should be capable of bringing the present-day problems that are faced by the society in front of them.
The training should be capable for bringing forth the critical social issues so that it can encourage them to resolve these issues.

Other social issues :

Overpopulation is another important social issue that the whole world is facing today.  It is one of the greatest concerns of mankind.

Sex education, should be included in the syllabus and should be taught to the youths of the present times.