Before saying anything on this topic, let us read the story of Thomas Edition:

He failed 5000 times before he successfully invented the light bulb. It is definitely a very inspiring story which is present at almost every website that deals with inspiring literature.

Do you remember his words when a young reporter asked him about how he could continue doing his work even when he had failed SO MANY times? He said, "Young man, I have not failed 5,000 times. I have successfully discovered 5,000 ways that do not work and I do not need to try them again."

This story depicts the fact that his failures did not slowed him down. It was with the help of those failures that gave him the inspiration of making a lot of attempts before he finally got the things right.


The moral of the story is that "Thou shalt not give up", even if the path to success is filled with so many difficulties as well as regular failures. It is a fact that failures form a nasty but unavoidable part of life. We must overcome them in order to gain success.

Edison was the one who looked at his attempts, not as failures, but as achievements! He saw every failed attempt and felt that it is just another step towards success.

The success lies in our perception. It depends solely on our thinking whether we allow these failures
to dominate us or whether we make these failures as the steps that would take us towards our success.

It is a fact that one can never avoid failures. They are a part of our lives.

Until and unless you are  born with a silver spoon in your mouth or you are as lucky as a lucky charm in itself, you can not escape failures. Of course you can try to avoid those circumstances that could lead you to get into trouble, but it is fact that failures are a part of our journey of life...

Failures are also essential in order to gain success. Every failure has the ability to teach us something, without which we’d never be able to climb the step towards success.

Failures allow us to reach the stage of perfection.

Enough of talking. Now lets get into some kind of action in order to analyze your failures. In fact my failures!

1.Think of your most recent failure or think about the most recent setback of your life

2.Analyze it. Find a reason as to why all that happened? What made it happen? Did you involved yourself in any kind of activity that made that happen?

3.Analyze the fact and tell yourself as to why that setback or failure would not happen in your life again... Analyze the situation as to what all you can do in order to make efforts that would allow you to make sure that the failure would not happen again. I am sure in this way, you would not repeat your mistakes again. Success is just a few steps away. Stretch your arm. It is waiting for you!