An extremely vital step in the improvement of law school industry is the implementation of sending the Law students on various Internship programs during their vacations or between different sessions.

During this internship program, students from the law schools have the option of having a brief interaction with judges and advocates at minor as well as major level. They get a chance to learn more about various law firms, non-governmental organisations, international agencies and even  be a part and witness the full-of-glamor world of the media industry.

Usually these law internships are for a smaller duration of time, like four to eight weeks, where a student is expected to adopt the skills of a perfect lawyer! Skills such as drafting of pleadings, the skills that are used in agreements and contracts, client interviewing, court-craft, legal research, advocacy etc. are provided to an intern who has to learn the basis of these skills with utter brilliance.
These internship programs are just like a learning phase of a
student's life and are called as a general platform for law students where they can apply the theoretical inputs acquired in the basic learning process of their educational structure.

The whole aspect is just like a cycle of living! It is advantageous for those individuals or agencies with whom the interns take these kinds of internship as the work that the interns do directly contributes to the immense output of the company. So the  students who get involved in any kind of internship are a value-addition, may be just  for a brief period, to their chamber, firm or organization, but still contribute in an immense way. In order to clear your Internship Interview with an ease, implement these things:
  1. Make a list of questions that you want to ask the person who would take your interview, regarding the structure and functioning of the organization.
  2. Practice answers for questions that are expected to be asked from you.
  3. Assemble all required documents in a proper manner.(in a File)
  4. Try and know the name of the person who would take your interview
  5. Arrive Early.