It is true that CCIE training is one of the difficult tasks for any internetworking professional. It is not because of the lab training but because of the exams that tests your skills to the core. Without clearing this training, it is difficult to let the world know that you have become a professional in this field.

There are normally two parts of the training:
  • Utilize written boot camp, i.e., a computerized written test.
  • You need to clear this written test to qualify for the further lab exam.

One can attend CCIE training course as it can prove to be a great option, though a lot of participants think that it is easier to attend the CCIE written boot camp before one appears for the actual lab training. You must remember one thing that the lab work applies
all those things and skills that one has learned in the written training.
Your seriousness towards clearing the test adds to the confidence level also. So never take the whole process too lightly.
It depends solely on you that you can study by yourself or get involved in a coaching process that you cost you a little extra, but its worth going for it.
As far as the training is concerned, the main motto is to prepare yourself for the professional environment that you are going to be working in. So in order to go for the training, one must have exclusive as well as legalized access to the equipments as well as an immensely qualified proctor to guide you in the whole process.
A lot of training softwares are available on rent as well as sale. These will aptly guide you and would provide you with a detailed assessment of the training.