One cannot neglect the impact of education in the human society. In fact, in today’s world a person is not given importance if he/she is not educated. Education not only trains the human mind, but also helps us to take the right decision. One can say that education essentially rationalizes us.

It is through education that wisdom, knowledge and information can be received and spread all over the world. An uneducated person is unable to read or write. Hence, he/she is closed to all the knowledge and wisdom that he/she can gain through books and other mediums. In other words, the entire world is unreachable to the person. It won't be wrong to say that an educated man lives in a room that has all its windows open towards outside world.

The literate population of a nation is also considered at important indication of the quality of human resource. So,once can even say that education is a must if a nation aspires to facilitate growth and development and more importantly wants to sustain it. The fact that developed nations of the world have high literacy rate and productive human resource is a good enough indication for this. Many of these nations have also  started imparting their human resource with selective training and education programs in order to meet the rising technical and business demands.

In the United States, many educational institutes provide vocational and specialised training programs other than the normal credit programs. In order to cater to the educational needs of the working-class population, many colleges have also started offering online education. These online degrees and certificates offer a high degree
of convenience for working people as well as students. Working people can easily update their knowledge and skill level through these degrees and programs. This can help them substantially in achieving growth as professionals and even facilitate their promotion chances. Online degrees also let students study and earn at the same time.

Certain professionals, such as doctors and dentists, are required to pursue mandatory  learning throughout their life. This is done in order to ensure that they keep pace with  the high amount of research and development that the medical field undergoes. These professionals are not just required to update themselves with these developments, but learn new techniques coming up in their practice. Even learning about patient management and the delivery of care is considered a continuing process. As such  professionals have a huge moral responsibility towards the patients and the entire society, continuous education is a must for all of them.

Distance education is a convenient alternative to all the professionals who do not have the time to attend classroom classes. This enables them to pursue education at their homes at a time that is convenient to them.

The United States Department of Education aims to simultaneously promote student achievement and prepare for global competitiveness by fostering the process of educational excellence and ensuring that everyone gets equal access to education. The policies regarding distribution and monitoring federal financial aid for education are formulated keeping these aims in mind.  

In today’s globalised world, no nation can neglect the importance of education. The role of eduction for the economic and social development of any nation is simply indisputable.