I would like to give you three important tips to improve your concentration power. Trust me, they are perfect!

1: Drowning Out Distractions
the fact is that the most annoying thing that I have ever come across in the process of doing concentration is outside distractions. Yes, I really feel annoyed with all these things. I don't why all things happen to me only. Sometimes a loud music plays outside or a fly buzz in my ear while I am trying to memorize. People who say that they are able to concentrate the best when they get themselves indulged in any kind of  background music or have the television on as background noise are not telling the exact truth as they aren’t able to concentrate better because of the noise, but due to the fact that they have learned the technique as to how to drown out the sounds and to focus on the thing that they are working on.  I mean how to overcome the distraction!

In order to drown out distractions, you should first start with one distraction. That means if the next time, you plan to concentrate and at the same time you are  watching television (a show that you don’t like, I would want that you should go with your least favorite
show), focus on the errands that you have to run tomorrow, or may be on that particular list words that you have written down specifically for this challenge.

The next thing that you will notice is that after as certain duration of time, As soon as you are unable to understand what is happening on the television, you will have all the powers to successfully focus on the thing that you want to do drowning out the distraction.

2: Drowning Out Thoughts
the next big thing that I find very annoying is any kind of errant thought that strolls into my mind and refuses to leave. No matter how hard I concentrate I don't get over it. But the fact is that we never realize that those thoughts are controlled by you. God has given you ample amount of  power to get the thoughts out of your mind so that you can concentrate on what you’re trying to memorize.
How will you  do that? Just sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes. Allow your mind to drift. Just think about a specific picture that you enjoy. May be a flower, a butterfly or what ever! The more you practice this, the more you will be able to erase the previous thought from your mind.

3: Practice
The most important concentration technique is to get indulged in a lot of practice.