You must be thinking that you have studied the English language for the past 10 years or but still not be able to master way in the perfect way possible!

Let me tell you as to what the fact is: - Native English speaking children have acquired all their speaking skills even before they reach a tender age of 7 years! But where the hell you have gone wrong! And why can babies pick up speaking so quickly and effortlessly? Well the secret is simple.. The fact is that it is NOT what you are learning but what is the procedure that implement in your learning process.

In the current scenario, almost 80% of the ESL students start of with a grammar book and start to learn the intricate mechanics of the English language, it is the same process that almost all the native English speakers would have trouble trying to explain.

The main fact behind all the crux is that a lot of native speakers have never studied the inner working of the English language and let me tell you that if they had to take a modern ESL test. They would definitely fail in the whole process.
So what is the secret
to learning English. First of all, one should have the right attitude of not giving up at all. The secret is "getting stuck in".

Here are some easy steps to begin with:
Step one: Start to read like crazy - I mean like a book a day! Don't understand words but go for the meaning! According to my concerned, I would say that magazines I feel are the best material to read. At the same time, get indulged in reading that inspires your interest level.

Step two: what you can do is, start writing a personal diary or a blog for yourself. this would increase your vocabulary!
Step three.

Start talking to yourself! Just talk about your upcoming plans with yourself only. Don't bother about anyone.
Step four: Get involved. Get a lot of opportunities and involve yourself with conversation with each other. Get indulged in group talking!

Let me tell you that these four steps are just a small introduction, much more can be done to improve your English and more importantly how you study English. So both the material as well as the process to learn English play a very important role.