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Defensive Driving Classes are Affordable and Easy to Take
Speed Relief
Speed Relief Defensive Driving School offers Texas defensive driving online or in the classroom to improve driving knowledge and habits and make our roads safer.  
By Speed Relief
Published on September 22, 2011
Now you can take a comedy driving course that will not only instruct but entertain, no more boring instructor that looked like he was almost as bored as you were.

Defensive Driving Classes are Affordable and Easy to Take

Several years ago, if the court gave you the option of having your ticket dismissed you had to go to the DMV site and sign up for and take one of their defensive driving classes. It was held only on certain days, and was held in a dingy room, while led by an instructor who really did not look like he wanted to be there. Then Texas decided that it could no longer afford the program and discontinued it. Fortunately, today the defensive driving classes you can take bear little resemblance to the classes that were once held.

Now you can take a comedy driving course that will not only instruct but entertain, no more boring instructor that looked like he was almost as bored as you were. No more falling asleep in long classes that taught you less than nothing, not because they were not informative but because you simply could not pay attention for long without falling asleep or your attention wander.

Comedy driving courses use comedians to entertain, but also to teach you the important lessons that a defensive driving course is intended to teach. It is much easier to pay attention and most people come out of the class knowing something more about driving than they did going in. Because you can enjoy taking the class you are less likely to find your attention anywhere but on the class.

The comedy part of the course is not the only reason why you will find taking the class easy; you will also find that the defensive driving classes are designed to be easy to take, so that even those that are extremely busy or limited in the days they can come take a class will be able to attend. Classes are held more frequently than they were in the days of the state giving them, and you will be able to have your choice between several different class times and dates. You will not have to wait for an opening for the class either, as enough classes will be held to ensure that you can get into one.

You also have another option besides going to a classroom that will suit those that simply cannot attend a class for whatever reason. If you don’t have 6 hours to spare at one time, or you simply cannot make any of the days that the classes are held then you can also take the class online. All that you need to be able to do so is a computer connected to the Internet.

This is truly the easy stress-free way to take defensive driving classes, not only will you be able to take a class as soon as you sign up, but you will be able to arrange your class for when it is convenient for you. You can pay for it on Monday and take it in the middle of the night on the weekend if that is what works for you. Even better you will be allowed to split your class up so you can take a segment while on lunch break at work or each day while your kids are napping.

One of the biggest barriers to people using the defensive driving program in the past is the inability to make the classes or the reality that it would cost them more to take the class than to pay the ticket. Now with the ability to get flexible classes that work around your schedule and the extremely low price it is always worth it to take the class and get the ticket dropped.

When you take defensive driving classes, whether you take them in a classroom or online, you will get a certificate at the end of the class. This certificate will go to the court to get your ticket dropped and then you can also send a copy of it to your insurance company. Many insurance companies also offer discounts if you take defensive driving classes, some as high as 10%, making it even more worth your time to take the course.

Speed Relief offers very affordable classes online at just $25, with classroom classes being only $10 more. You can take our classes either in the classroom at one of our many locations or you can take them online. Our online classes are instant and if you have put off taking your class and are in a big hurry, you can also get your certificate rushed to you when you are all done with your class.