The economic downturn has also affected the number of students applying for financial aid in Community Colleges. Instead, students are applying for financial aid at the larger Universities, which is even going out the door. And this is good sign for the larger schools, since they need as much help from the government as they can possibly get. And reports say that the students who give them the most in studies and grade levels are the applicants that are applying for financial aid grants.

It is very common thing that middle class average students mostly seek such grants and financial aid assistance, since today the tuition fees are very high at the most major Universities all over. Among these students, most come from families that have already invested big amount of money in student education only and the student is not about to drop out of school. The students who are likely to stay in school, basically have good grades in high school and keep a goal to become professionals, a lawyer, doctor, scientist or other professions that would give them a long term career with a high
paying salary. And these are the most common professions that most middle to upper class students desire to do. The Universities are not even afraid of having a lot of student loans that go unpaid by these professional seeking students. More and more, there are several Universities that even provide "Professors Grant" to help the best students so that they can remain in school getting to get the proper education that is needed for that special profession.

Pell grants and Stafford student loans are some of the biggest federal aid grants that provide financial aid to all students who qualify, regardless of the number how many people apply for them. There are several schools depend on these types of student funding to assist the high cost of attending the college in order to get a larger student body. The government grant money is for all students. In the process of granting federal aids, many Universities also at the students' sports abilities, apart from their economic level, and grade level. This is apparent from the fact that many scholarships are given to the lower class and minorities in sports because of their abilities to perform well for the team.