The Steam Direct Drive washing machine from LG UK means saying goodbye to wrinkled clothes, pet dander, dust mites and other common allergens that affect many of us.

With its unique LG steam generator penetrating fabrics, you have not only an enhanced cleaning performance, but a beautifully designed appliance too.


With an impressive 78-litre drum volume, the Steam Direct Drive washing machine makes it easy to wash more items at once, freeing up your time and ultimately utilising the time you have.

In comparison, LG offers an astonishing 11kg wash load – which compare to the standard 7kg is quite the upgrade.

With the steam wash using molecules 1600 times smaller than water, they are able to infiltrate deep into the fibres; fluffing and removing ingrained dirt and dust.


With this additional power and size, you’d think it even louder than your standard machine – wrong.

Think of the Steam Direct Drive as the ‘Big Friendly Giant’ of washing machines; with no belt of pulley, there is less noise, greater durability and ultimately, it makes it more efficient.

The Inverter Drive System created by LG, replaces the belt and pulley. The increased motor efficiency cuts back on energy usage and makes breakdowns highly unlikely. By simplifying the design, LG has simplified your life.

In turn, LG have such faith in their Inverter Drive System, that they offer a 10-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.


Load Detection

By detecting how much laundry is loaded - based on information it receives from the Load Detection Sensor - the machine selects the optimum washing and rinsing times as well as the amount of water needed.

This can be anything from 2kg to 11kg and unlike other load detection systems, the 11kg weighs the laundry without using water, meaning you can see how much washing is in the machine and how much detergent you need to add to wash it.

Shower Spray System

To help save on electricity, the Shower Spray System uses less water by pumping it from the bottom of the drum to the top during washing and rinsing. This in turn improves performance by dissolving and distributing the detergent evenly.


Many people suffer with allergies and sensitive skin – the LG machines now offer special wash programmes to protect them. Programme choices range from Baby Care, Allergy Care and Skin Care.

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a writer and fan of LG UK.