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Considerations For Homeschooling For Your Children.
Mathew Haiden
By Mathew Haiden
Published on November 2, 2011
In our homeschool, we did all of our assigned course work in 4 days each week.

Considerations For Homeschooling For Your Children.
In our homeschool, we did all of our assigned course work in 4 days each week. The fifth day was reserved for my kids to explore their areas of special passion. It was still a "school day" but we left it largely unstructured. When my kids were younger, that fifth day was reserved for "park day" or "book report lunches. " As they got older, however, the fifth day was left for them to study there areas of passion (in our case, chess and economics) and also to work at meaningful employment.

I am frequently asked how we managed to "do it all" in four days. In short, the answer is - we didn't!

We used Sonlight for most of their elementary and junior high. Most of the things my children could complete in 4 days. We didn't "do it all" though. We hardly ever opened the instructors guide at ALL - we just did the assignments as outlined in the schedule, without all the analysis and discussion. Some of their reading that was on the Sonlight schedule wasn't something they considered to be work, so they would read that during the 5th day without me telling them to. They also did a whole math lesson as well as an entire foreign language lesson on the fifth day. With Apologia, we could accomplish science in 3 or 4 days a week, and much of the other stuff wasn't as rigid as the math, foreign language, and Sonlight.

I think it's RATHER essential not to overwhelm your child, and you are in the ideal position to understand what that looks like. Don't encourage your child to do too much so that their absorption of the information slips.

To put it briefly, don't do what I did - do what is effective for YOU and your homeschool.

In most cases, homeschooling generally allows sufficient time for specialization. Provided that you schedule time for fun, it isn't going to make a difference if it's a little bit every day, or a whole bunch once a week (like I did it. )#) I frequently see kids doing stuff for fun, for specialization, and the mom is listing it as school. It IS school, and it SHOULD be put on the transcript. At the same time, those fun things are specialization. You don't have to leave time for additional specialization if they are already doing it. provides detailed and in-depth details on subjects like homeschool scholarships . To know more about homeschooling you can visit