The best way to teach auditory learners is through hearing information. Another important element that help in learning is verbalizing. However, don't be shocked if your child starts reading aloud. Children with auditory learning styles need to hear themselves speak in order to learn.

Here are some of the common indication that reveal that your children have auditory problem.
  • Speak aloud while writing.
  • Talk a lot.
  • Gets easily distracted by background music.
  • Poor comprehension while reading silently.
  • Read out loud to themselves.
  • Notice sounds.
  • Gain little meaning from written information until it has been heard.
  • Have difficulty following written directions.
  • Distracted by graphic information during lectures
Participating in group activities, reading aloud, verbally repeating points, interactive computer programs, orally answering workbook questions are some of the common ways to teach auditory learners.

are things that can help you choose curriculum for auditory home school.

Make sure that the curriculum can be read aloud has audio cds and online/DVD lectures. Try and look for resources that include discussion questions and oral assignments.

HISTORY – The easy way to learn American and World history is reading aloud and books-on-cd.
LANGUAGE ARTS – Some of the alternative to written assignments are narration, discussion and oral presentation.
LITERATURE – The best way to enjoy literature are reading aloud and books-on-cd.
MATH – DVD/online lectures can help auditory learners to learn mathematics better.
PHONICS – Build phonemic awareness through phonics CD's and reading aloud to your child.

Here are some of the ways to teach auditory learners:
  • Live lectures.
  • Videos.
  • Reading aloud to your child.
  • Choral reading.
  • Discussions.
  • Lectures on CD.
  • Group (or partner) activities.
  • Interactive computer programs.