The training department today, not only have to deal with budget issues but also keep the learning efficient to prove their worth. Integration of technology into learning programs is one of the best ways to do this. Here are some of the technologies used to maintain efficiency and increase engagement.
  • Computer Based Training (CBT) – It is one of the most prominent improvements in the technological training. The process of CBT can be defined as an activity that is performed alone at a desk via a learning management system. It allows you to put together information into an interactive format which participants are directed into at certain points during the course. Students get to learn from someone besides their instructor. At present, this tool also allow for technical tasks, video streaming, and animation.
  • Intranet Technology – In this techniques internet is used for learning. It enable participants to focus on other aspects of their learning. Since, we can't students to retain every
    bit of information taught so online resources are a perfect way to help them.
  • Collaboration – Technological collaboration also help increasing training satisfaction and efficiency. For example, if you're firm offers a learning system with an online collaboration then consider integrating this into classroom programs. The only problem with these techniques is that an instructor should check the collaboration to make sure that the information is correct. Moreover, collaboration can also occur through video or teleconferencing.
  • Video Technology – It is one of the most overlooked learning tools. It can be quite effective especially for advanced courses like sales, presentation, leadership. With the help of this tool you can record negotiation sessions for learning purposes. However, training instructors should monitor this technology to prevent frightening participants.
Since, it is important to adopt new technologies with the new economic climate. The above mentioned tools will help you integrate and engage learning methods that continue to prove value.