In the United States, the Mississippi river is the second largest river next to the Missouri River. Often this river is considered as a watershed. This body of water is so huge that it can occupy almost two Canadian provinces. In the world, it ranks as the third largest watershed.

The name "Mississippi" has been originated from the Ojibwe language, which mean great waters. This river stretches from Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico. Over the years, due to various meanders and engineering projects has shortened the length of the river.

In terms of geological attributes, the Mississippi river is considered very young. Many years ago, the falls here caused Minnesota and Mississippi rivers to join. The only fall in the Mississippi river is the St. Antony Falls. It is the
only true gorge which separates Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Christopher Columbus is credited for discovering the river for the first time. Ever since then it has undergone many physical improvement and economic growth. In Spain, the river is known as The River of the Palms. The Mississippi river is also popular for its diplomatic exchange for the entire battlefield. Just to earn this award many war have been fought.

Almost 240 kinds of fish live in this watershed. According to the recent reports 57 different mammals, 45 reptiles and amphibians, 40 different mussels and countless invertebrates are also present in the bottom. Because of its diverse habitat, the Mississippi river is considered to be very biologically productive and one of the world's major river systems. At present, it is a popular venue for water skiing also.