It is known fact that kids simply love to solve a mystery. So imagine the fun they'll have discovering the mysteries of the Bible. Get a Clue is a mystery game based on the bible review that will get your kids hunting for clues and solutions. The game allow your kids to become young Sherlock Holmes as they solve the hidden mysteries.

For this game you will need several envelopes. Once you have got together all the envelopes add color and fun by attaching a "Get a Clue" label to each envelope. Although it is an optional step but you'll enjoy making these labels either on your computer or by hand. Now place these envelopes on a table or
hide them around the room to add to the mystery. Your kids can also dress up like young detectives to make them realize you have finally "fallen off your rocker".

Your next step is to decide on the questions to quiz the kids on. You can either write several quotes from the Bible and stick them in each envelope or quiz your kids about a famous character from the Bible by placing relevant pictures inside the envelopes that relate to the person. The difficulty of the game depends entirely on you.

Remember to make on kid as Dr. Watson, who knows the answer to all the questions. Based on the guess made by the player he/she can give a thumbs up or down. Try this fun game today.