Suppose you have to go for an emergency break and when you come back you find your class out of control. What will you do? Of course, you'll be appalled and confused on how to bring your class back on track. Here are some of the suggestions, which may help you get your class back on track.
  • Self Believe – It is one of the basic elements that you require. If you were able to bring your class together in the past then you can do it again. You must understand that children will take advantage of situations if you allow them and you're simply not going to tolerate such behavior.
  • Implement Daily Schedule – You need to prepare and implement a daily schedule for your class to follow.
    This will direct your class in the correct path. Know that children need some structure to follow and it is up to you to provide this structure. As a teacher it is your duty to ensure that they are on task and are doing constructive classroom work every moment.
  • Review Your Class Rules – You need to make that every student in your classroom follow the rules laid down by you. Remember any leniency on your part will make the children not to follow them.
  • Tests – It is another good way to make the children understand that you're back and serious about your business of teaching them. You can also give them a couple of test papers as a class assignment.
These basic steps will surely get your class back on track in a hurry.