Have you ever thought of seeking your career options with futurists? Here in this article, I would like to give a deeper insight on the issue of futurism. When I was a kind, those charming crystal balls used to charm me a lot. But I always used to ask this question to myself that who are they or should we ask, how do they do it?

First let me discuss something about this old quote "history repeats itself" and the wisdom that quote embodies. But I always realize one thing that one should always be aware of the history and human nature to see the cycles, disruptions and understand how they play a very important role in our lives, at least in depicting the future of our lives. Last but definitely not the least, we must be aware of the fact that what ever we do in the present is one of the most important part of our life and we all must do all good things in order to craft a better future!

Lastly, we must realize that the present is part of the flow of time. In other words the events of today are one of the key components we need to be good predictors of the future. We all understand the benefits of knowing the future right? So let us have a glimpse of the
present period, while you set aside time to learning history, here I am talking about both the ancient period as well as the recent period!

In order to give an example: let me give the news events of February 16 ( I have taken the help from some sources like Internet and books to have this information):
  • Fannie Mae "Re-Fi Plus" all electronic - no appraisal? WTH
  • Interest Rates at 38-year
  • Someone stole Lance Armstrong's bike after race?
  • Auto Maker's Business Plans include asking more $ Chrysler 7B alone
  • Administration cancels Car Czar sets up Auto Industry Committee
  • Detroit Auto Show; wimpy, poor attendance, not spectacular
  • Storm Closes I-5 at Pass in California
  • BMW not immune; laid off 850 in UK, looking at laying off in US now
  • Obama to announce Afghanistan troop levels - NATO falling apart
  • Hardcore Left attacking Administration for campaign promises
  • Now 1 Billion People Internet Users, 2B within 2.5 years, 3B within 3-yrs
  • Cities, Counties, States; financial crisis, stimulus money; drop in bucket
  • Venezuela Chavez wins "no-term limits"run unlimited times, Dictator-King
  • French and British submarines collide - more to follow on story