Tell me, do we have the capability to build an artificial brain? In other ways, I want to say that can you really copy the human brain in structure, the way God has made it and then process it to make the exact copy of it?

And then moving a step further and building a replica of it, perhaps more dense, stronger nutrients, better blood flow, may be the size of your drawing room or that big? Okay think, whether it is possible or not! Well, scientists say it's only a matter of time, to which I concur

The sole motto is to build it so it is faster at processing, and at the same time provide a better storage as well. At the same time, our sole motto also involves that one should craft a super computer, organic style - but the reality is that it could be either completely organic or made of simulated organic material. But the main thing is that it should be decked with an added
advantage over a normal human brain.

There is no need to go for a blood brain barrier, as when the invention will take place, we will have emulated brain prototype in a "clean room +" type environment at every single moment of time. The main thing deals with only putting into the system what is necessary. But you have to make sure that is kept away from the poisons that generally enter the human body.

All these content must be sounding extremely interesting to your ears. Isn't it! But how will we craft it?

Should we commence the implementations of our plans with a foam-like structure with strong materials and build thickness off of that. Let me tell you that if will further allow cellular growth. And after all this work is done, we should further work in threading tissue, blood vessels and nutrient delivery? Or should we think of some other procedure? It is a huge a challenge but some one will surely come out with better ideas.