It is very important for high school students with learning differences who are going to begin their college life, to ask the right questions to the disability service office in order to ensure the "best fit". Here are a bunch of questions for both disability services and for a student on campus who uses their services, that will ensure you have adequate information to achieve in the right decision:

These are the questions to ask the Disability Services Office:
  1. How many full-time/part-time employees do you have?
  2. How many students with learning disabilities do you serve?
  3. Do you have a special program for students with learning disabilities?
  4. Do students with learning disabilities get priority registration?
  5. Do you allow students to take a reduced course load if necessary?
  6. Are students registered by someone in the Disabilities Center or by a college-at-large
  7. Is one-on-one tutoring by appointment available? Is it done by learning specialists, trained professionals, or peer tutors? How many times a week can a student see a tutor?
  8. Is there a support group for students with disabilities?
  9. What kind of assistive technology does your center have, and do you have staff available to teach students how to use it?
  10. May we speak with one of your successful LD students?
  11. Can my son/daughter spend a night with an LD student and attend classes the next day?
These are questions to ask a Student Who Uses Their Services:
  1. Is the disability center responsive to your needs?
  2. Are there enough specialized tutors for students with LD?
  3. Are the professors supportive? Do they understand your needs and willingly give you the accommodations to which you are entitled?
  4. How have you achieved your success? What advice would you give a new college freshman?