For any school program, parent volunteers play an important part. They not only help in increasing student achievement, improving the school's image but also improve the relationship between teachers and student morale.

In this hectic pace of life, getting parents involved in these programs can be daunting. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the school to become more creative while recruiting school volunteers. Here are the six basic methods to get more parents involved in their child's education.

Organize a Volunteer Fair

Try hosting a parents volunteer fair during Parent Day or Open House to implement a school volunteer program. You can ask the help of PTA or PTO for placing tables along the school entrance. To attract of volunteers attach cute signs along with a sign up sheet. Request the school's principle to encourage parents to sign up for volunteer programs.

Parent's Room

Arrange 1-2 rooms where parents can interact with the classroom teacher, other parents, and the school staff. This room will also
help in recruiting volunteers for one-time projects or other classroom needs.

Bulletin Board

Make sure to place a bulletin board in the parent room. This board will allow teachers and other school staff to post a request for volunteers as need arise.

School Newsletter

You can also request volunteers to join through your school's newsletter. To attract the attention of volunteers you can also list upcoming volunteer opportunities.

School Website

It is another method used for recruiting classroom volunteers. You can also list annual volunteer opportunities and job descriptions through the school website. Make sure to include volunteer guidelines, procedures, and other important information on the website.

Volunteer Handbook

It also serve as a promotional guide for the volunteer opportunities. The parent volunteer handbook should list fund-raisers and school-wide activities, which require the support of volunteers. After reading the handbook the parents can select any areas of interest.