As a teacher there will be times when controlling a class becomes a daunting task. Such situations is frightening especially for a new teacher. Only regaining class control will help you exercise your authority as well as help you teach more effectively. Here are the top four strategies to regain class control:

1. Stop the lesson

It becomes extremely difficult to continue teaching during a difficult classroom situation, so take a few moments of time out. Many teacher consider this step as a sign of weak classroom management. They think they should be talking to gain class control. Instead observe your class and listen to your teacher intuition. You must understand that too much explanation can be sometimes too preachy and ineffective. Therefore, stop the lesson you're teaching, observe
the class and take action appropriately.

2. Change the Seating Arrangements

For students with rowdy behavior any change in the social dynamics plays a big factor. Try changing the seating arrangement of your class and separate disruptive students sitting together. You'll notice that the moment you neutralize the social dynamics, it is easier to teach.

3.Correct body language

An effective way to regain class control nonverbally is the eye contact. Try staring at the disruptive student, he/she will come to realize that his/her behavior is the reason why you cannot teach.

4. Friendly Talk

Instead of scolding your class to regain control try sharing the problem with your students. You'll notice that the class is more responsive to teaching. However, it is possible that this step may not work all the time.