If you're looking for a flexible job that allows you to make money as well as help people, then you should look for a career in the Medical Esthetician. Although, it's not as recognized as their counterparts but it is equally interesting and rewarding profession.

You need to complete the training program which usually lasts for 9 months to 2 years to be qualified for Medical Esthetician Jobs. To receive an appropriate certification from the state you will be practicing you need to pass an exam. The certification will open up a wide range of job opportunities for you. Some of the common job profiles are in hospitals working with patients post-op, in cosmetic surgery offices, or in dermatology practices.

Working with burn victims on how to conceal scarring, showing people how to take care of their skin after an
operation, and dealing with specific skin issues with specific patients one on one would all be things you could expect in an hospital setting.

If you're in a plastic surgery profile, you will be working with clients to develop pre and post-operative skin care treatments. Your main aim will be to offer the maximum level of care and get the best looking results. However, for a dermatology practice, you would be required to perform skin maintenance and restorative procedures.

All these factors reveal, why this is a lucrative career option. Nowadays, you can also get training in medical esthetician jobs online. There are many schools, which offer online learning in Medical Esthetician. Therefore, you can get certified in these courses even while working. Usually, online learning is associated with comfort, practicality and financial benefits and this field is no different.