Every individual can't get higher education and dream jobs. That is why a child need to choose one of two options; ie either to learn a trade or to acquire higher education. The selection depends on various factors such as the financial status, academic or technical turn. If the correct option is not made the child ends up jobless and frustrated.

In most cases a vocation tend to solve the problem of frustration of an unemployed person. The feeling of hunger and not able to get food wears down a person completely. These situation become so extreme at times that it trigger off a killer kind of frustration. As a result steeling and robbery becomes the only left with an unemployed individual. To overcome these situations the person need
to learn certain skill that becomes very useful. For example, a person skilled in carpentry will be called to fix a kitchen stool, a broken door or to construct one box for casting lintel. Thus, able to exercise control over the urge to steal and other social evils.

The right steps taken at the right time is the only solution to minimize the inability to empower a young man or woman. Therefore, it's the responsibility of parents to teach their children and decide what is best for him at the right time. for example, if you feel your child is not good academically then teach them a suitable vocation. But, if parents feel they have the necessary resources to teach their children till the stage of higher education then so be it. However, it will be wise to let the child learn both.