To be a successful student, one needs to have the ability to score high on tests, as well as exams. There are so many students out there, who do not have that ability and as a result they are not able to perform well and ever fail. The secret of success lies in the factors of understanding and using proper study techniques. Here are a few college study tips, which will tell you how increasing your study speed will tie it all together.

It is very important to have regular study Especially, when an exam or test approaches, indulge in study everyday. The key lies in knowing as when to operate the best and then study during that time. There are many students who find night as the best time, while others function best in the morning. No matter, whichever time you choose or whenever you function best, but remember to stick to that when you study everyday.

Before you sit to
study, make sure you clean up your desk of everything, except what you will need for studying. This is because, when you will focus on what you are studying, you will get better results. Thus, clear the desk and get focused.

Getting high scores on tests and exams means putting in the time and thus, when you study, you have to keep your mind sharp. To get the best possible result, take breaks every hour you study, say fifteen minutes breaks. During the breaks, make sure you are active, making the blood flow. You can also take a quick walk or can indulge in some light activity, like jumping jacks or pushups. Believe it or not, this will keep your mind sharp!

While studying, limit your meals to smaller ones, as large meals will cause you to feel tired, and thereby taking away your focus. Take foods that are high in protein. And, decrease the amount of carbohydrates in your meals. Drink plenty of water and limit the amount of caffeine.