If you are interested in visual arts, it is a good idea to pursue a degree or diploma in art and design. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a significant increase in job opportunities for art and design majors in the coming decade. This means that you will have many career options to choose from after you graduate. As an art and design major, you can pursue a career in fine arts, advertising, graphic design, animation, film-making, video game development, product development, architecture, and other fields, depending on which specialization you choose. Here are the top 10 fastest-growing careers for art and design majors:

1) Animator
The job of animators involves creating animation, special effects, and visual images for use in films, videos, computers, and other media. In order to excel in their work, they have to be familiar with the various computer programs, film techniques, and other technologies that are used for creating animation. It is expected that the demand for animators will grow by 14% to 26% in the coming years.

2) Architect
Architects design buildings and structures, which can range from private residence to public facilities such as stadiums and airports. They have to ensure that the buildings and structures are both aesthetically-pleasing and functional. Most architects work with architecture firms, construction companies, or government agencies.

3) Art Director
The duty of art directors includes developing design concepts and reviewing materials that are to be displayed in newspapers, magazines, websites, or other media. They work with graphic designers, copywriters, and artists, and they are mostly hired by advertising and publishing firms.

4) Film and Video Editor
Film and video editors review film and video materials, select the most coherent parts, and arrange them in the right sequences to create the best possible presentations. They are mostly employed by film, television, or broadcasting companies. The number of jobs available for film
and video editors is expected to rise by about 12% between now and 2018.

5) Graphic Designer
Graphic designers can create a wide variety of visual displays, ranging from product logos to billboards. They can find employment with advertising agencies, publishing firms, website development companies, film and television companies, and others.

6) Interior Designer
Interior designers use computer programs, drawings, and other materials to plan and create interior spaces. In order to come up with good designs, they have to understand the needs and preferences of their clients, and use the right combinations of furnishings, paints, and fabrics to create the desired interior spaces.

7) Industrial and Product Designer
The responsibility of industrial and product designers is to design products and make sure that they are manufactured correctly. They may work for a product design firm or manufacturing company, or they may offer their services on a freelance basis.

8) Mobile Designer
Mobile designers are responsible for creating the programs, graphics, and advertisements that are used in mobile devices, such as cellular phones. They need to have in-depth knowledge of many different kinds of computer design software and computer codes, as well as the workings of various mobile devices.

9) Video Game Designer
The work of video game designers involves designing different aspects of video or computer games, which can be the way the games are played or specific elements such as characters and backgrounds. In recent years, the video game industry has experienced a job growth of close to 26%.

10) Web Designer
Web designers work to develop websites for use on the Internet. While most web designers are freelancers, others work for web development companies or companies that need to update their websites regularly.

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