You need to ensure that your UCAS statement contains no errors in spelling, punctuation or structure; there are several organisations on the market that can help you achieve this. They can provide you with the services of a professional writer to make sure your text contains no mistakes of grammar, punctuation or spelling. More than that, their experts will ensure that your statement is fluent, clear and concise. It is of course up to you if you do decide to use one of these companies and I guess it depends on how confident that you can get it right, or it might depend on how competitive your course will be.

In your personal statement, you need to mention why you want to study a particular course. If you have a passion for your subject, let it show. Point out if you have any experience in this field, either from school or from your leisure time. Have you gained relevant experience or extra-curricular qualifications which could strengthen your application? Make sure you include your work experience, your accreditations and information about your interests. Adducology is an organisation that you could use to help you to get your personal statement just right. After working with them I discovered that Adduco is Latin for the art of persuasion, quiet apt really.

Personal statement for university need to sparkle with enthusiasm, and if nothing else this is what you should remember when writing a draft! Always keep a copy of your UCAS personal statement, because this will, no doubt, form the basis of your interview. Make sure you know what you’ve written in it and think about the sorts of questions you might be asked. The best option is to seek for UCAS personal statement help.

Every student is filled with fear and trepidation at the thought of being interviewed for a place at university. Will there be one interviewer, or two, or will there be a whole panel? What questions will they ask? What will they expect you know? How will you possibly appear confident when you’re shaking in your shoes?

Advice on how best to prepare for your interview, the sorts of questions you will be asked, how to appear confident and how to make the interview go your way is widely available. However, as the market has become more competitive training sessions are also an option. They give prospective undergraduates the confidence they need to face their interviews positively and to take control of those interviews. Mock interview and feedback on your performance are now a normal part of any application.

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