A school council is formed by a group of students, elected for proper representation of students’ viewpoint in order to improve the quality of school standard and mutual relationship of teachers, students, and guardians. Student forums and youth parliaments are also part of the student council. 

Although there are many school councils which are only formal in their existence and hardly contribute any input for the betterment of school and student welfare, there are a few school councils that work efficiently to improve the school ambience and ensure cleanliness of the school campus. 

Some of the remarkable performance of school councils are campaigning to local council to get their toilets sorted out, redesigning of school cafeteria and planning for new and improved lunch menu, introducing new hot line for registering complain against college/school ragging, change in school uniform making a reasonable fusion between convention and convenience (for example, from blazer to comfortable and trendy sweatshirts), and designing and promoting some attractive folders cum school diaries for maintaining school records. Some school councils have also worked effectively in the collection of fund raising for social and moral support in case of some national or international calamity. 

Often the school councils do not get success in their working schedule because of the lack of coordination and proper knowledge of handling an intricate issue by the member students. In this situation, different websites for school councils of different schools can provide them some concrete idea about the yearly performance of other school councils. In case of success stories, it is possible to share their experience and problems in order to apply the same in handling a similar problem by another school council. In fact, the website solutions, if consulted, work as readymade suggestion-resource for running the administration of local student councils. 

In case of a national issue, the student councils can contact each other by means of websites and form a forum to ascertain their viewpoint for the disaster, thereby working together to fight the crisis.

I work as a consultant counselor in several international schools in Bangalore and have been assisting elementary student councils and middle student councils and other school council associations to excel in their duties.