With the onset of global warming, the awareness of greenhouse gases and the decreasing space used for landfill sites, it has become essential of our household food waste to be disposed of by the most energy efficient method.
The vast majority of people prefer to dispose of their food waste in their dustbins, however, more people are now adopting the technology of Insinkerator.

Food waste such as bones or fruit have always been placed in dustbins, but within a short time can create a foul odour, especially in warmer climates.Insinkerator are designed to alleviate such issues, by creating a cleaner, healthier environment in which to live.
The Insinkerator is powered using 230v electrical supply and is simply plugged in to an electrical outlet.  However, the unit will have to be plumbed in by a licensed plumber, as the existing pipework will have to be adapted to suit.  Most kitchen sinks can be
altered or changed to suit the installation of an Insinkerator.

Pathfinder Plumbing specialize in fitting Insinkerator and are experienced at installing any model chosen from the entire range.  Whetherreplacing, repairing or a first time installation, Pathfinder Plumbing offers the consumer their prolific Insinkerator experience.

We http://pathfinderplumbing.com.au/ offer householders an unrivalledinsinkertor service, helping customers to make the right choice from the array of models on offer to suit your budget.
All Insinkerators are supplied with the Insinkerator manufacturers warranty and Pathfinder Plumbing installation warranty. We provide complete services of installation, repair or maintenance. Please visit our online website or contact us for personal advice.

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