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Make the Most of Your School Marketing
Peter Hinton
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By Peter Hinton
Published on October 19, 2009
The following article gives a complete guide to getting your school or college the promotion it deserves.

Make the Most of Your School Marketing
Competition between schools and colleges is now fiercer than ever, and so it is important that they are promoted correctly in order to attract students. Independent, secondary and boarding schools are likely to benefit considerably from focused school marketing, including a prospectus, web design and school photography.

The college or school marketing will be custom designed to the institution, so that every one can express their ambitions, aims and reputation as quickly as possible. By creating the prospectus to specifically cater for a school's requirements, schools will be able to attract a diverse range of students, and will be better represented to the local community as a whole. Every part of the school marketing is managed in-house, so that as much creative input as possible can be obtained from both an experienced education marketing company and the school or college itself.

When trying to get the message of a school across it is vital that the school web design, the prospectus and photography are integrated to present a unique brand for the particular school or college. This is especially true for the school web design, as more often than not it will be the primary contact for most people to your school. The site must be informative, practical and have aesthetics matching your image and reputation. And because most people are not familiar with updating website content, the site can be updated as desired without any technical knowledge, through the user-friendly content management system (CMS) provided.

The design package also includes taking a number of striking photographs of the school or college, for use on the website. Additionally, these photos will be made available for use for any other promotional material, such as the school prospectus and newsletters. The photography can also include professionally made promotional DVDs and Videos to further enhance the marketability of the school or college.

With so many choices for prospective students, the best way for it to be noticed is with a dedicated team creating a professional quality school website prospectus and photography. So to invest in the future of your school is a fantastic method to demonstrate your strengths, and prove your commitment to investing in people.