Sport news reports: AC Milan in this weekend will have a Serie A match against with Parma. But after Robinho was injured in training, there is another main player of the Rossoneri fell down in the training. Milan fullback Abate is injured in training, and will be absence for the games played in the next two weeks, including against Parma, Juventus and Roma, and he also may miss the Champions League 1/4 final in first round. It is so great pity for him cannot wear the AC Milan soccer jerseys to play the important games.

Ignazio Abate got injured in the yesterday when he was training. But how injured about his injury is not confirmed. It is speculated by the media that the Italian striker pulled a leg muscle strain in the last minute of Milan Thursday training. As a result, after losing Nestor and Philippe Mexes Allegri, AC Milan lost a defender in defense line again. According to the Gazzetta sports "after further examination, Abate is recognized as right leg muscle strain and Ignazio Abate will be out for at least 15 days.

As a result, Ignazio Abate will be likely to miss AC Milan next four games against with Parma in the league on March 18, against with Juventus in Italian Cup semi-final second leg on March 21, March 25 against Rome and March 28 and 29 of the Champions League 1/4 final first leg match in the league. Bignone also got injured while training, he will not be able to participate in the team's match with Parma. Compared with Ignazio Abate, Robinho is better and he will be return from his right ankle sprain. But Milan is not all bad news; Yepes, Clarence Seedorf, and Merkel all have begun to resume training.

AC Milan is expected to win in the weekend game. But now, the two main players of Milan both are injure and absence. It is great pity and danger for AC Milan. Can they win? It is unknown. There is a little worry and disappointment for the AC Milan fans , But, in fact, as fans of AC Milan, we should not be disappointed with the team, and do not need to worry too much, instead, we now should do is to be confident with them and to support them as previously. No matter what the result it will be, our hero AC Milan can do their best to play the game.