Test anxiety can make or break your day when you are answering multiple choice questions (MCQs) in GAMSAT. According to research, students facing such test anxiety score up to 15% less than those who are not disturbed about the test. Test anxiety is a real world problem affecting how you answer your test and what score you get at the end of it.

It is easy to think that a good preparation for GAMSAT will lower your anxiety levels and you will enter the test area confidently. However, the truth is, if you are worried about the confusing structure that most MCQs take on, even the best preparation cannot save you from feeling anxious about how you are going to do in the MCQ with all its distractors. What you need therefore is not longer hours to combat MCQ anxiety but knowledge that MCQs are actually easier than other test forms.

It is no surprise that GAMSAT MCQs are in fact easier because they offer to test takers what other subjective tests do not. In an MCQ there are response options and one of the choices will contain the answer. So, in effect, the answer is given to you alongside the question. Now, all you have to do is pick out the right response based on the passage. Often this also means that you have to work lesser to arrive at an answer. No matter how hard the distractors are, if you follow some kind of problem solving strategy often you can guess the answer just by looking at it. In this sense the MCQs offer a clear advantage to you.

Second, in GAMSAT MCQs you can guess your answer. In subjective tests, this can be very difficult because you are expected to substantiate your answer with reasoning. In MCQs, you do not have to cook up facts if you are guessing. All you have to do is make a calculated guess and that is the end of the matter, since you do not have to explain your choice at all.

Third, in GAMSAT MCQs you get to answer more questions than in a subjective type tests because you do not have to write page-long answers. While more questions might usually mean a harder test that does not seem to end, it can also work in your favour. More questions to answer simply mean that each answer is worth less when considered as a whole. This is especially good news if you have marked most answers based on guesswork.

Finally, in GAMSAT MCQs one does not need to have a flair for the English language to answer the questions. No one will judge grammar or spellings or sentence construction and all you have to do is fill in circles with a pencil to mark your answer. While your ability to articulate will be judged in the Written Communication section, at least for 270 minutes of the test you do not have to worry about how you wrote your answer or how many mistakes you made while writing.