One of the most difficult questions to answer is – how much time is required for GAMSAT preparation? Even an ACER official with years of experience in GAMSAT might not be able to state a specific time-period for preparation. Though it is quite difficult to mention a fixed time-period we can still draw a rough time-frame for GAMSAT preparation. GAMSAT preparation time is directly proportional to your knowledge base and skill sets. It, therefore, varies from person to person.

Let us consider candidates from a Humanities background. Most of them are totally out of touch with the basic sciences, after grade 10. So, they need to travel an extra mile and put in extra effort in developing their basic knowledge about science at least till the 10+2 level or 1st year graduation level. This is not a Herculean task, as most candidates may think. Many simple to understand, study tutorials on Basic chapters of Human Biology are available in the internet and book stores. All you need to do is to get hold of a good, standard set which caters to your requirements. Choosing a good tutorial is crucial as it will provide you the base on which you start with your GAMSAT preparation. A thorough study and revision of the three tutorials on- Biology, Chemistry and Physics will consume about 3 months of preparation time.

For candidates who have pursued a Science subject during their degree course, this extra task gets deducted as they already possess 10+2 level knowledge of the basic sciences. But they too need to brush up their memory as after 10+2, most students select a particular subject and specialise in it during their degree course. One studies a particular subject in detail and may have a few other subjects as electives. Let us keep aside one month for the brushing up activity for candidates from a science background.

Now, when both types of candidates are done with their concept-development in the basic sciences, they can start practising GAMSAT sample test papers. A lot of test prep companies provide such sample papers. As we all know, GAMSAT focuses mainly on logical reasoning. It is a time-bound examination. Therefore, practising sample test questions under timed conditions. It is also highly important from a candidate’s viewpoint. If we consider a candidate with average intelligence, he/she will require approximately 15-20 full length test papers for practise, before actually sitting for the GAMSAT. Hence, a candidate will have to devote at least two months to solving GAMSAT sample test papers.

Now, since we have got a rough estimate of a candidate’s preparation time, taking into account both the time spent on study guides and the time required for practising GAMSAT sample test papers, we can formulate an approximate total preparation time for GAMSAT.

For candidates from a Humanities background, the total preparation time = 3+2 = 5 months.

For candidates from a Science background, the total preparation time = 1+2 = 3 months

We may take this time formula for GAMSAT preparation, in general, but we should also remember that this time-frame may vary for different students, depending on their individual aptitude and concentration levels.