The Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT) is a test set each year by the Australian Council of Education Research (ACER) as a selection process for students aspiring to enter medical schools.

In January, 2 young students registered to take the GAMSAT. They were both brilliant students and were extremely determined to clear the test.  When the results arrive, only one of them make it. What makes this difference is not intelligence, memory or commitment, because we told you, they were both committed to do as much as possible to clear the test.  Here are two simple but effective ways to ensure that you are like the student who clears the test.

The first thing you must do is take as many GAMSAT style practise tests as possible. You may even want to repeat some of the tests where you did not score enough but each time remember to check why you got an answer. GAMSAT is not a test of your memory. It has nothing to do with whether you are able to retain information that you have learned in the past. You are expected to apply the knowledge you have gleaned from studying science and literature. You must be able to think logically and reason in the questions given to you at GAMSAT. The best way to do this is to practise GAMSAT type questions over and over again and as many as possible.

The second thing is to keep time in mind. Remember absolutely anyone can answer the GAMSAT questions given endless time, but very few can actually do the questions within the time limit of the test. So the second tip we have for you is to practise all GAMSAT sample tests within the restricted time. This means that you can spend 1.3 minutes on each question in Section I and 1.5 minutes per question in Section II. The two essays in the Section II should be done in an hour, or 30 minutes per essay. You must answer everything intelligently and carefully. To do this you must time yourself during the sample tests and see if you are able to finish the paper on time. If you cannot maintain the time, work hard to reduce the time you take on each section until your total time is equal to the time in the actual GAMSAT. This also means that you have to practice rapid reading in a manner that also makes it easy for you to comprehend what you read. Often GAMSAT questions are set from passages that are difficult to read and therefore, it is essential that you read up a wide variety of materials that will help you read difficult passages without too much stumbling or second-reading.

When you apply these tips to your GAMSAT answering the test will become easier and you will be able to ace the test in a manner that is much more effective than most others taking the same test. The results then will speak for themselves.