Rasmussen College

Then called the Rasmussen Practical School of Business, Rasmussen College was founded on September 1, 1900 in St. Paul, Minnesota by Walter Rasmussen. Today, Rasmussen College is a provider of online degrees, delivering regionally accredited Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Associate’s degree programs through its network of campuses and partnerships.

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The 15 Coolest College Courses

Whoever said college is all work and no play is wrong. No... I am not talking about extracurricular activities like keg stands and shooters... I am talking about quirky and fun courses. Though Calculus, Biology, Public Speaking and Psychology 101 dominate the modern-day student’s schedule, there are courses available to college co-eds that are far from ordinary. Forget the mundane, stuffy coursework––classes like “Art of Walking” at Kentucky’s Centre College and “Underwater Basket Weaving” at Reed College embody a new definition of experiential learning. Inquiring collegians can become well-versed in random information from classes such as “Philosophy of Star Trek” at Georgetown University or the “Psychology of Facebook” at Stanford University––meanwhile generating great conversation starters.

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