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With over 8 years of experience in teaching and training, I have done extensive work in designing assessment tests and creating test content for a great variety of competitive exams. I am helping GAMSAT, UKCAT, Subject GRE, LNAT aspirants to succeed in their respective exams.
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In the last article of this series on how to analyse poems in GAMSAT using literary terms, we discussed ‘personification’. We saw how interestingly this figure of speech is often used by people to communicate their ideas effectively…from commercials to soaps, personification leaves an imprint everywhere.

GAMSAT Section I is probably the most popular section among GAMSAT aspirants. They contain passages based on general topics and the MCQs can be sorted out with simple but sharp logical reasoning skills and a strong grasp over the English language

In this series on how to analyse poems in GAMSAT Section I with the help of literary terms, we will be discussing each of the basic literary terms in detail. The first term we shall discuss is personification.

Most students sitting for GAMSAT go weak in the knees with the mere thought of analyzing poems in Section I of the test. You are no Keats. You may not even have even a single poetic nerve in your entire system.

Working full time and aiming to ace GAMSAT 2010? If you think that all the fun in life is sucked out because you’re preparing for GAMSAT, think again. Stay motivated ‘cause GAMSAT is all about passion.

If you are one of the many GAMSAT aspirants who are pursuing full time studies or working, you may be faced with the unsettling question of how to prepare for GAMSAT. Find out the correct preparation technique during this added burden.

In order to make an impression with an essay, a conclusion is as important as the introduction. Similarly in GAMSAT, if you need good scores, better keep a great conclusion up your sleeve.

GAMSAT Section I deals with passages from Humanities and the Social Sciences so they are based on verbal reasoning. GAMSAT will require you to analyse the given text. Learning some tricks to solve these reasoning based questions might come in handy.

It is not an uncommon fact: most Doctors write prescriptions that resemble either “chicken scratchings” or the Egyptian hieroglyphics. If you are intending on sitting for the GAMSAT then you must be aware of the much dreaded GAMSAT essay.

GAMSAT Prep for Best Shot at the Interview

GAMSAT interview is the next hurdle after the written GAMSAT. What do you do to ensure your position in the world of medicine? Read on to find out.

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