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    Would you like your child to become bi-lingual? Don’t wait until he starts learning English at school. This article suggests strategies you can use from an early age to help your son or daughter become fluent in a second language.

    Group Work vs. Whole Class Activity

    Analysis of group work and whole class activity has been done to find out which strategy works out best and why.

    Child Care Schools

    For those people who love children and love being around children, a child care provider is just the perfect job! But, being a child care provider is not that simple. For this, you will need to have a hands-on experience, along with an in-depth study of children, so that you can provide them the proper care.

    Tips for Kindergarten

    Tips for Kindergarten

    Early Childhood: Foundation Of Education

    It is widely acknowledged that early childhood education is critical for developing comprehension skills that deeply impact a child’s cognitive abilities and aptitude for learning. What we do not know ,is the crucial role early childhood education can play towards a child’s future attitude toward academics.

    Activities for the First Day of School

    Activities for the First Day of School

    Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

    It is a fact that as every child approaches school age, his parents wonder if he has the necessary skills as well as the abilities to pass his kindergarten test or not. There are a lot of things that you as a parent can do to prepare your child to enter the school environment.

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