Prep schools

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    Advantages and Drawbacks of Prep School

    Prep School is an ideal way to make your child/teen a well rounded person. Prep schools traditionally provide a good academic and athletic background, as well as providing opportunities for team-building and leadership activities. If you are considering prep school for your child/teen, you should carefully weigh all the factors before going in for a decision.

    How to help your kid adapt to School?

    To be a good parent is not the easiest job in the world. It requires ample patience, being understanding and making the right decisions. The last condition is of prime importance. Specially in situations which are likely to have a huge impact on the child's entire life. The choice of a school is a prime example of such a situation. To select the right type of school for one's own child is a matter of great concern and anxiety for every parent. Kids, at this point of time, are fresh out of play-schools, which hardly play any role in setting up the child for the rigors and the disciplined arrangements of  school-life.

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