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    To date the RTU comprises 8 faculties: Architecture and Urban Planning, Building and Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Power and Electrical Engineering, Engineering Economics, Materials Science and Applied Chemistry, and Transport and Mechanical Engineering.


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    With the education system changing globally and the growing popularity of online education programs ever y country needs to recognize the problems in its sphere of education, nnd learn from other contries model of education. So what can we learn from the immensely successful education system of Finland?

    Study in London

    Study in London

    Why students are lining up for Germany?

    Germany is rapidly emerging as a favorite destination for college-bound students from the U.S. While some want to study for a semester or year,others are seeking a two- or four-year degree at one of the country's several prestigious universities.

    Study English in London

    People from all over the planet are indulged in adopting London as a destination to spend their study holidays: the fact is that it is the ideal destination for people who want to study English abroad.

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