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Engineering Branches

This is the second part of a two part series on the Business Operations/Integration Division of the Directorate of Public Works. Behind the scenes in the Engineering Systems Branch, Company Operation Division Directorate of Public Works, a group of engineers handle computer systems utilized to execute maintenance requests. Upgrading and managing maintenance request forms is an intricate job. Is known as the General Fund Enterprise Company System. Our Engineering System branch was one of two installments to develop the system, Poyser said. The 2nd installation to help aviator the program was Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The DART system is used to handle requests from across the installation, over 25 she said. read more


Engineering Courses

Computer Engineering comprises design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of computer equipment and computers. It. Computer Engineering education applications include topics on applications and pc hardware. There is an assortment of universities offering Computer Engineering as a sub field of Engineering or as a degree program. Knowledge is imparted by A few the Computer Engineering classes on digital systems, the energy systems and electronic equipment. They cover topics including communication systems, computer systems, digital logic circuits and optics microprocessors. Others include digital picture processing coding, logic circuits, lasers and machine vision. Run and courses in computer technology are intended to construct software and hardware for computers used by scientists and the supercomputers, utilized in everyday activity. read more