Editorial Guidelines

In order to qualify for our website:
  • The article should be original. Even if you are submitting some one's else article, then please submit his or her email address along with the exact name and contact number.

  • The content should NOT be a PLR (Bought articles)! Never put your name on someone else's work ever.

  • The articles MUST be informative and capable of sharing your unique expertise  with the visitors. They should be (if possible) geared up with case-studies, opinions, tips and quotes. But we do not accept those articles that are equipped with more than one paragraph of quoted material.

  • The article should not be a press release, news, advertisement, or any promotional copy.

  • IT SHOULD HAVE a proper structure as far aspects like grammar, punctuation, English, spelling and sentences are concerned. You are solely responsible for proof reading and double checking your article for accuracy.

  • The article must NOT contain adult/pornography, violence, insulting behavior against an individual or organization, racial intolerance, profanity material at all.

  • The articles should NEVER have affiliate program links.

  • No “MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS” at all – If the same article is submitted more than once, then it will automatically get removed from our site. In extreme cases, we hold the power to ban the author forever.

  • The body of the article should be equipped with a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 10,000 characters. We allow the following HTML tags for the body:
     <br />, <p>, <b>, <i>, <u> and <a href>

  • The content should NOT include a reply to any personal letter or mail!

  • Do not use boundless and/or bold letters in the articles. Limit boldness to Headings (Sub-Heading) only.
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